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So you have a passion for continuing to play your sport at the collegiate level.  It's more than just practicing your sport hours on end until mom is yelling at you it's time to come in to do homework.  It's just as important to know how to market yourself to the school you want to play at.  Here's some helpful links and information that will help you take it  to the next level.
Below is the registration process and guidelines you need to follow to play a sport at the D1 & D2 colligate level.  High School Athletes need to register.

All Athletes Must Register with the NCAA
Technology has made it easier and more cost effective for coaches to recruit players.  Not so long ago coaches had to travel the globe scouting the players that best fit there needs.  Now video and online technology has enabled the players to market themselves directly to the coaches.  Here are some services and ways that are recommended

Visit Captain U a great recruiting website & player marketing tool. Approved by college coaches.  The site has free functions as well as advanced features for a small fee.

Highly recommended.  It will make the process easy and keep you organized.